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David Treatman Creative is a Webby Award-winning production company led by principal David Treatman. With his first Off-Broadway credit at 19 and his first Broadway syndication at 20, David Treatman is widely heralded as one of the most successful independent producers of his generation. A Columbia University “Great Grad," David Treatman has produced over 50 projects in 5 years on new and traditional platforms. With projects spanning the globe, David Treatman Creative is a dynamic international enterprise with the flexibility, human resources, and creativity to charter new entertainment landscapes, while remaining grounded by extensive experience in traditional models.
The company is committed to developing and investing in novel entertainment from screen to stage and beyond. With a growing roster of employees and services, David Treatman Creative is prepared to guide any project to its best and most strategic iteration.

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David Treatman Creative holds the rights to more than 30 projects in various stages of development. The team brings their wealth of knowledge working across the entertainment industry to evaluate each project’s needs, and guide pieces toward their most strategic debut. At its core, David Treatman Creative incubates both story and artist through personal & financial investment in its success.

Once presented, David Treatman Creative continues to expand and exploit intellectual property to maximize returns for investors and artists alike. The company provides a portion of its services for hire to help support these independent productions, including music production services, Executive producer services for the stage, and a rapidly growing podcast production arm, which earned the company a Webby Award (Propaganda the Podcast Musical) and a Webby Honor (The World to Come) in its first year.

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David Treatman


David founded David Treatman Creative following a disappointing realization that many producers are disconnected from the creative development of new work. Working at other theatrical enterprises, David saw firsthand how disparate the concerns of artists and producers often are in the entertainment industry.


Rooted in a belief that fresh storytelling – supported by artistically-minded production – yields the most viable work both commercially and critically, David set about constructing a proprietary workflow that reduced developmental and production costs of new titles, while empowering artists with tools to hone their work. Refining these processes project after project, David has been able to produce albums at 50% of the usual cost, vest in subsidiary rights participation at lower thresholds, and stretch developmental dollars to launch more productions in a shorter period of time.

Corey Steinfast


Corey has been an Associate Producer at David Treatman Creative since 2018. He is the Director of Sales at Broadway Plus.  Corey has a holistic understanding of the Theater Industry, having spent four years on the Sales & Ticketing team at Disney Theatrical Group, and working previously in General and Company Management roles at Manhattan Theatre Club, the National Theatre, PW Productions, and 321 Theatrical Management.


He oversees Broadway Plus’ robust portfolio of sales strategy initiatives, including strategic partnerships & planning, corporate events, and revenue management. Corey brings this wealth of experience and relationships to his work with David Treatman Creative.

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Ethan Steimel


A lighting designer by training, Ethan has been working with David to break up theatrical syndications for smaller investors since 2018. With a mission to teach and encourage artists to become involved in the business end of their work, Ethan assists in cultivating sound investments for artists and pulling them into David Treatman Creative’s educational programs.


Ethan currently hosts a podcast called “Artistic Finance” where that mission is made available for public consumption.


Melissa Edelblum


Melissa has worked in production for film, television, and theater since 2012. Today, Melissa has emerged as a leader in social media management and strategy. Specializing in digital strategy for TV shows and A-list talent, Melissa works with major television networks to develop and execute engaging talent-focused social media strategies and campaigns.


Melissa has also produced several Off-Broadway shows, New York workshops and readings. Melissa has been with David Treatman Creative since 2017, and has had a hand in growing David Treatman Creative’s robust podcasting production services.

Kristen Nodell


Kristen Nodell graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in Film Production and Music technology in Spring of 2021. She enjoys working in an array of departments in film production, and has experience writing and directing her own comedy shorts, interning in development at multiple production companies, and composing scores for films.


When she's not making movies she's playing with her rock band, The Women's National Hockey League. Kristen brings her creative and light hearted storytelling to her work across David Treatman Creative’s developmental slate.