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We Are The U.S. Open is the debut album of indie-rock band The U.S. Open. The U.S. Open is a Brooklyn based rock group whose mission in life is to make you dance. With groovable rhythms, driving guitars, and catchy lyrical hooks, this six piece ensemble generates enough raw power to move your body and melt your face! Part psych pop, part art rock, and part New York punk.

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the band's debut single

The U.S. Open is: Diana Oh (vocals, keys), Shawn Randall (vocals, keys), Steve Boyer (lead guitar)

Bobby Moreno (rhythm guitar), Jeff Biehl (bass), William Jackson Harper (drums)


The Original Cast Recording of this award-winning new musical doubles as a sci-fi concept album set 250 years from now, intercutting fictional live recordings of two concerts- one that resurrects the folk music of the 23rd century’s civil rights movement— and one that places you in the heart of that life or death struggle, at the underground concert of blues-rock rebels (and constructed humans) Beaux Weathers & The Future. The never-before-heard audio of the band’s final performance is framed by the return-to-Earth concert of The Future’s only human-born member, Rags Parkland. Combined, they paint an all too familiar picture of perseverance in the face of persecution— a rallying cry for vigilance against the hatred that fuels human evil as we turn the corner into the 24th century.

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SUPER NORMAL MEDIA is a  new creative house that creates audacious, attention-grabbing, and off-the-wall stories. They specialize in developing, producing, and releasing cinematic narrative podcasts – usually high-concept comedies (often featuring original music and lyrics), and always easily translatable to film, television, animation, and other media. DTC is proud to be a founding member of the company. 

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PROPAGANDA! is the witty story of the secret government agency tasked with covering up the messiest of political scandals, and boy have they been busy! Through a sinister turn of events, Rookie is thrust into taking up the mantle as head of the Bureau, and is immediately faced with the worst scandal since Watergate! Rookie must act quickly to save the country from ruin and the Bureau from an evil Agent X. With a score teeming with energetic pop and jazzy elements, brought to life by a Tony Award winning - star studded cast, Propaganda! takes the genre of podcast-musicals by the reigns and produces a thrilling and catchy hour and a half.

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The 180 with Eric Lockley is a podcast where, with fun games and good conversation, we talk about a turning point in our guest's life. We've all had moments when a choice will either keep us right where we are, or will take us to the next level. Let's laugh, heal and be inspired together as we discover how our guest made the 180.

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The World to Come is an epic, episodic, fully-immersive, free audio journey. In a post-apocalyptic world with no internet or electricity, five disparate factions vie for dominance in the city-state of Fiveboro. Each tribe worships at the altar of the bygone pop-culture references of an earlier time, and relishes the stories of film and television they've never actually seen. When a powerful figure who calls himself The Cardinal invites the leaders of the factions to his Roost, the announcement he makes threatens to shake Fiveboro to its very core and upend the peaceful detente that has ruled the realm for over a decade.

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The Pout Pout Fish is a #1 New York Times best selling book series that puts a bright, colorful, youthful spin on mental health education and awareness. When Mr. Fish sets out on a quest to find Miss Clam’s missing pearl, he discovers there is more to him than his permanently plastered pout. The incredible story brings children through the emotions of Mr. Fish and his ocean friends he meets along the way who help him navigate the many emotions and feelings each of experience each day. 


DTC is producing the official cast recording for Theatre Works USA's "The Pout Pout Fish Musical", a show based on the book series. The project is being recorded during Summer 2022. 

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