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The 180 Podcast Release

Today, DTC released The 180, a podcast hosted by Eric Lockley.

The 180 podcast is uplifting and inspirational. This podcast tells the stories of BIPOC and discusses a specific turning point in their lives. These turning points vary in topic from career, family, mental health, etc, but they all represent a time when our guests saw a need for change in their lives and pushed through challenges in life. 

The 180 has an exciting first season of guests lined up, and you can listen to episodes featuring April Reign, Tony Hillery, and Jessica Frances Dukes now!

Also, check out the website for the podcast:

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else you listen to podcasts!

Shoutout to Byron McCray (@brockwell1984 on Instagram) for the amazing portrait below and for each episode image.


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